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Nigel Evans -June 27, 2018-17-25-03.JPG

Everyone starts that same way with the camera. That first thought of "which way to do I point the lens" to capture the best angle - the photographer wants to share with the world the exceptional from their eyes.

Grow in Georgia, joined the NAVY for ten years to explore in the world. Next phase of life was becoming a nurse, and the natural progression was to see the country as a travel nurse. On assignment too Maine, fell in love with the beauty of vacationland. Now I call it home with my wife, family, and two dogs

There's something so beautiful about the world you see from the viewfinder. It can make your heart skip a beat, or fill your soul with joy.


Desire in life is to have my work be seen and share the beauty of this land. A former ER/Trauma Nurse, being behind the lens is just a little bit less stressful and fills the soul. The overwhelming feeling of peace it gives can't be replicated.

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